• Jessie Mu (SS2)

    Where else can I find an agency like MegaHarta ?,I like the culture and working environment here. I can get anything I needed from the company and everyone is so friendly and helpful. We are just like a family.

  • Janet Lau (Puchong)

    I joined MegaHarta way back in 2003 when Puchong branch was just open, as a house wife, I really do not have much exposure and knowledge in real estate, fortunately, my manager is very patient and very helpful. I getter most of the knowledge in the company; and now, I am very confidence in my business.

  • Kelly Wong (USJ)

    MegaHarta is an established and growing estate agency company. All agents and negotiators here are friendly, well trained and professional in their work.

    The head office is modern, spacious and well equipped, with fibre broadband network which offers a very conducive working environment for high productivity.