• Derren Sek (Pandan Perdana)

    MegaHarta has a very good working environment where the Principal and managers are very friendly and approachable and the negotiators get good respect. Moreover, MegaHarta is also one of the fastest growing real estate agencies within the Klang Valley. I like to be in such a company where I can also grow along with the company.

  • KH Lee (USJ)

    Before I joined the company, I was very worried about getting listings. But now I have too many listings to handle. Thanks to our Principal and managers.

  • Winnie Fam (SS2)

    MegaHarta provides excellent support in the areas of listings, IT such as company website and personal guidance. This has been the major factor that helps me to become one of the top producers for the past few years. I can confidently recommend MegaHarta as a solid and progressive company.