• Alvin Seah (SS2)

    Because I want to build a fruitful career in real estate sales with a reliable company and MegaHarta fulfills my demand. I even learn about property investment here. That’s cool !

  • Radiance Tan (SS2)

    Well it was always my dream to join a real estate agency like MegaHarta which has a professional reputation and where ongoing training and professional development are emphasized. I get a lot of opportunities to learn that has helped me in my personal development and make me a respected real estate sale professional.

  • Alicia Lee (SS2)

    I always get my commission cheques promptly and I love the weekly claim scheme. The company has not delay in any of my payment since I joined in 2002 and even during the downtime in 2009. Hence I can have peace of mind and focus entirely on increasing my sales and don’t have to worry of not getting paid.